A digital ice-breaking game to meet new people.


Social interactions can be very scary for some people, especially when you haven't bonded yet with the other person, you don't know their interests and they don't know yours, which very commonly leads to awkward silences.

Yet, there are somethings that we all can relate to, music is one of them. So why not to use this and create a fun way to help break the ice when meeting new people?


If you are meeting someone new, you are probably at some coffee shop, restaurant, bar, park, you name it, but the device available in your pocket is your smartphone, therefore I needed to think mobile first.

Another coding project for a no-coder person, just for the fun of it. My biggest challenge was to combine multiple arrows using Javascript and to decide on a MVP.



Very straightforward design, a randomize button and the song quote were my MVP. I asked some friends to try it and their feedback was that it would be amazing to be able to play that specific part of the song. My solution was to embed Spotify service to it.

This is an ongoing project, so far I have my MVP and am working to improve it.

Swiss Army Knife: Amanda Silveira