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Heja Livet is a Swedish feminist group for females and non-binaries that began as a Facebook Community. The community founders came to us looking for help to move Heja Livet from Facebook to a stand-alone platform.

Our first brief was to prototype a webpage forum, our client didn't have a budget for this project, therefore before doing anything we decided to check if a webpage forum was what they needed. We did that doing a research which we divided into three parts: audience demographics, audience perception of Heja Livet and Feminist Groups Market.



From the first research results we realised that moving to a stand-alone platform was not the answer that they needed at the moment, so we decided to re-brief our client. My role on this project was to conduct research, gather insights based on community member's preferences and UI.


Our users didn’t want to move from Facebook, they access the community majorly from their phones, and they didn’t even know Heja Livet had other channels. Here we also realised they had a branding and strategic problem in their communication.

To get a better understanding of their current experience and how to enhance their experience we decided to do user experience interviews, that gave us more perspectives on why people like Heja Livet and why they didn't want it to change.

The last challenge from start was to work on a brief with no budget, if we had gave them a prototype for a webpage they wouldn’t be able to implement it.

Main Insights

95% of our users access Heja Livet on their phones.

Users don’t want to move from Facebook but want changes that are not possible there.

User’s behaviour is different than the attitude. 

Users don’t enjoy Facebook that much, they feel guilty for “wasting time” on social media.

The members have a strong connection to what Heja Livet represent.


Our final delivery consisted of a consultancy of their social channels, a three-year strategy to attract new members and a prototype of the new platform.

We went out and asked our users why they use Heja Livet? 88% are there for inspiration; 83% to read and share experiences; 82% to read and share thoughts; 69% to give and ask for advice.

After analyzing our research results we came to the conclusion that Heja Livet is in the feelings business.

For the new platform, we decided to move the community from Facebook to an app, but that would only be possible to implement in three years with external support, to what meant, they needed investors and a solid brand.


So far we had a starting point and a longterm goal, the next step was to go for the low hanging fruits, get their social channels, social work and workshops taken to the full potential. We advised them on their social channels and how to boost content using the assets they have today.

Another decision on the strategy was to boost their other channels, by doing that we will get the members to get used to interact with Heja Livet outside of Facebook.

Heja Livet Brand Identity

We translated how Heja Livet should interact with their users as a brand and what they provide for the members of their community. This is a combination of the results we got from workshops and research with stakeholders.

Heja Livet Art Direction

With the brand settled it was time to find a visual path they could follow that lived by their brand identity.

Heja Livet UI Design

The last part of my deliverables was to create the UI assets for the final prototype, based of course on the Branding and Art Direction we settled with the client.


Client – Heja Livet
Project Manager – Johanna Rutfjäll Rittner
Client contact – Johanna Rutfjäll Rittner, Amanda Silveira

UX Designers – Johanna Rutfjäll Rittner, Gustav Sjölander
UI & Art Direction – Amanda Silveira

Strategy – Sofia Aedo Zahou
Service Design – Amanda Silveira