HI Rooms lets you book a room in one click!

There is a common problem in most offices around the world, booking a meeting room. Some people don’t do it because they don’t know how to, some people have a hard time checking all available rooms in a list format, for some is hard to remember all the rooms in the floor plan of the office and HiRooms is the solution for all this problems.

We were challenged to create a digital solution to improve our lives as students at Hyper Island. Just like every other office there are lots of pains in the process of booking a room at Hyper and we wanted to change that by creating a new way of doing it.


Our main UX challenges were to reduce the steps to book a room, simplify the task of booking a room for the user and display the list of available rooms and the floor plan map at the same time.

Our own learning journey was also a challenge, since the team had no experience with developing websites from before. It also had to be easy to access and as easy and intuitive to use as possible. Was one click booking system easy enough?



To simplify the steps we made an instant booking system, the code will book rooms for the next hour, since most meeting last for 1 hour (as our research with classmates and potential users showed).

We made it possible to see the floor plan and available rooms at the same time. We choose green for available rooms, dark gray for the ones that were booked and light gray for the ones you can’t book. According to our user testing, having a red color for the rooms booked made people more confused.

The steps to book a room at Hyper Island were reduced from 14 to 4, making the experience better for the students. The map will only allow the user to book a room if they are connected to Hyper Island accounts and by using Google API the website already creates an event to the user calendar.

Swiss Army Knife: Amanda Silveira, Benjamin Niklasson