Ronaldo shaves his head to support children with cancer.

In 2002 Fifa World Cup all Brazilians were shocked by Ronaldo’s haircut for the season. In 2016 it couldn’t be different. We invited Ronald Nazário to shave his head again to support children with cancer at the McHappy Day.


One of our main challenges for the Campaign was to find a symbol that could be recognised all over Latin America, since this Campaign was airing in several countries at the same time.

The second challenge we faced was regarding how to make this campaign 360 in all touch points and maintain its relevance.



Soccer is the most popular sport in Latin America, people are really passionate about this sport and it’s legends, that's why we brought Ronaldo to be our star for 2016 McHappy Day Campaign.


Translation: A lot of people were inspired by my haircuts. Today I will shave my head again, only this time it's for a good cause. I did this to remind you that the McHappy Day is close. You can help fight child cancer. Just order a BigMac and celebrate. Let’s make this day a phenomenon! I am counting on you! The McHappyDay is on Saturday, August 27.

Ronaldo’s bravery in shaving his head again on National TV inspired others to follow. The campaign started on the TV and followed its course with short movies that revealed  the behind the scenes on Social Media and other celebrities also shaving their heads.

On 2016 McHappy Day gathered the largest amount of donations in its history, collecting more than R$ 23 million in donations in Brazil alone.

Client - Mc Donald’s
Agency - DPZ&T
Creative Director - Daniel Motta
Art Directors - Amanda Silveira, Carol Zanetti
Copywriter - Heloísa Araújo