Vivo returns the GBs you spent on lost crushes.

The only thing worse than spending Valentine’s Day without a valentine is spending it without the internet. We asked ourselves a question: If internet is vital to modern society, what is the only type of GBs that you regret you used? On lost crushes.

That’s why Vivo, the largest telecom company in Brazil, created a tool that crosses data from dating apps and return the GBs that their clients wasted trying to find true love.


Translation: Read my messages, don’t / Make me wait / This way will be better, my dear / The gigabytes that I spent / If you still have them, I don’t know / But if you do, return to me / Let me surf the web by myself / Because now I have so many gigabytes / And with the recovered internet data / I’m already over you / The gigabytes that I spent / If you still have them, I don’t know / But if you do, return to me / Now Vivo clients can recover the gigabytes they spent with unrequited love. Go to ReturnTo.Me and celebrate with us this Valentine’s Day.


We faced a lot of challenges with this brief, the first one is that it had to be done on a large scale. The second one was regarding deciding the  platform for this project to be held during Valentine’s Day. And another big challenge was to create a system to calculate how much GBs people used trying to find their true love.



Or first decision was to use what we already had at hand. Vivo has an app that the majority of their clients already use called My Vivo. In this app they can see how much internet they spent and have left to use during the month.


Our strategy was to build from that, clients could connect their accounts with the most popular dating apps to recover the gigabytes wasted trying to find true love in that month.

The app generated a code to be sent by SMS to Vivo and redeemed the amount of GB’s they calculate previously in the app. After that they could use their recovered internet data on new loves.


Client - Vivo
Agency - DPZ&T

Art Directors - Amanda Silveira, Fernanda Napolitano
Strategy - Zé Diniz, Melanie Swidrak
Midia - Clara Corrales, Vivian Simões.