Giving a better end to old smartphones in Sweden.

During my studies at Hyper Island, I was encouraged to create a personal project for the Specialisation module within the Digital Media Industry. My decision was to pitch an idea for a real client presenting a solution that combined Service Design and Sustainability.

I started by mapping out the Tech and Sustainability Industries, as well as Swedish Companies I could work with for such a challenge. The second step was to dive into research for each post-it and get more knowledge and broaden my vision. From there I mapped some topics that are becoming bigger in the world today: e-waste, programming and secondhand shops.


On a personal level I was challenged by managing the project, my own learnings, searching and contacting potential clients, ideating and producing everything on a four-week deadline on my own. On the project level, the main challenge was to create a solution that could combine the three aspects of sustainability: social, financial and environmental.

Today 49% of Swedes own one or more phones that are not being used, the world e-waste is expected to continually grow in the next year and we can't just make campaigns about responsible ways of consumption. There is a need to give these products a better ending than our stuff-I-can't-throw-away drawer.



After ideation, I came across the solution that could have a big impact on a social level with low budget implementation by the client.

The solution I come up with is to create Tech-Remake, a new part of “Remake” Project by Stockholm Stadmissionen which manufacture products from secondhand materials.


Recycling materials usually consumes a lot of energy, water and time, Tech Remake aims to put to use old smartphones in a different way by turning them into IoT boards, using JanOS to overwrite the phone system, and teach programming in schools to complement the Social Support Stadsmissionen already offers in Stockholm, but now looking into to the future jobs and opportunities.

This project aims to give a new purpose for domestic electronic trash and use it to transform our society and give opportunities for beginners to learn to code and start to prototype their own ideas using cheap yet powerful tools.


Client: Stadsmission
Swiss Army Knife: Amanda Silveira
Support net: DMC19STO