Women united to combat sexist attitude in traffic.

In 2017, Woman International Day celebrated 40 years, however sexist jokes and sexualisation of the female body are still the main results for “woman driver” in Google search.

#WomanDriver is an independent project to combat sexist attitude in traffic by inviting women to share pictures or videos of them behind the wheel. This way everybody realised that women’s role in society is more than just negative stereotypes.


We were two humble creatives trying to fight sexism in traffic. Our main challenges were that we had 0 budget and a very ambitious outcome, we wanted to change Google Image results for "woman driver”.


We needed to join forces to get our voices heard. The initiative was supported by feminist groups in Brazil like Não Me Khalo, Mais Magenta and Lully De Verdade, three of the most relevant  Feminist Youtube channels. MeiaCincoDez, a consulting agency focused on women representation in advertising, and pilots like Bia Figueiredo, the most famous female Brazilian driver, and Regina Calderoni, the first woman to compete in StockCar.

In the end more than 80k people were reached on social networks in 2 weeks of the  Campaign. We had more than 7.600 views on our manifesto video, hundreds of pictures and videos shared by women using our hashtag and we managed to begin changing Google Image results.

This Initiative also gave us the opportunity to connect with LadyDriver, a mobility app like Uber that features only Women Drivers for Women who wants to move around the city. Together with them we launched a book telling the Story of 40 female drivers from their network to raise awareness of this problem.

Swiss Army Knife: Amanda Silveira, Felipe Araújo